How to Plan a Cheap Party Without Looking Like a Cheapskate Story

If you love to party plan

If you love to party plan, then you probably already know how much it can cost to throw even a small event.  Here are the tips to plan a cheap party without looking like a cheapskate.

Make the Cake Yourself

Skip the custom cake makers for a time when you’re not on a budget. If you can bake, there’s nothing better than a homemade cake! You can use this as an excuse to get creative and practice your skills. Even if you spend a few bucks, it will still be cheaper than ordering something from a bakery.

Be Honest

If you’re really concerned about what guests will think, or your social circle typically has high expectations of parties, it’s OK to be honest with your guests. When you send out the invitations, be clear about what will (and won’t) be served. 

Stay Focused on What’s Important

Why are you throwing a party in the first place? If you’re celebrating a person or life event (like a birthday party or baby shower), keep the focus on the honouree. If it’s mainly an excuse to get together with family or friends, then have fun and don’t worry about having everything perfect.

If You Can’t Afford to Host a Party

Sometimes there isn’t even a little bit of extra money to celebrate an occasion. If this sounds like you, and hosting a party really isn’t important to you, then skip the celebration altogether. If people are expecting you to host, you can honestly tell them that it’s not in your budget.

Keep Decorations Simple

For decorations like banners and balloons, set a budget and stick to a single color or theme to stretch your budget. If you know you will have events in the coming year, use these tips to save on parties post-Christmas.

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