Best Things to Do on Cape Cod

We’ve rounded up the top sights and several tips for planning a dream trip to this bucket list place. Read on to learn the best things to do on Cape Cod, how to get there, and where to stay.

Nobska Lighthouse, Wood’s Hole

Opened in 1829, this picturesque lighthouse offers sweeping views of Martha’s Vineyard, Elizabeth Island, and Buzzards Bay. 

Situated on Buzzards Bay in Falmouth, Old Silver Beach is a wide swath of powdery white sand with notoriously calm waters. 

Old Silver Beach, Falmouth


It’s a life-loving, energetic LGBTQIA+ safe haven with a rich artistic history & abundant quaint cottages, art galleries, & bustling eateries.

This 40-mile stretch is the premier location to enjoy the Cape’s tranquil coastal scenery year-round, a federally-protected area of forests, dunes, salt marshes, and pristine beaches.

Cape Cod National Seashore

Marconi Beach

Crowded but not overflowing, the long stretch of unspoiled sand is bordered by towering dunes and sizable waves ideal for surfing.

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