Best Safe Investments With High Returns

In an ideal world, investors look for investments that provide high returns and low risk. However, investments with high returns are often associated with increased risk and vice versa.

Rental Housing

One of the best long-term investment strategies is the buying and holding of real estate. It’s especially a good choice for buy-and-hold investors who would like to build wealth before retirement.

Growth stock funds invest in a wide range of growth stocks instead of the single growth stock. This ensures that the risk of a single growth stock falling and hurting the whole portfolio is low.

Growth Stock Funds

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities

While they pay lower interest than what the normal treasury bills of the same length pays, the principle increases or decreases in value depending on the prevailing inflation rate.

P2P lending generally provides high returns for the investors, and it will also diversify your investment portfolio.

Peer-To-Peer  Lending

Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds offer investors a good diversification option. Exchange-Traded Funds, or ETFs, is a basket of investments that you can buy and sell on an exchange.

Corporate Bonds

Corporate bonds have bigger interest rates than government bonds. They offer investors the ability to invest in different sectors with an option to cash out before maturity.

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