17 Best Places to Sell Used DVDs

Best Places to Sell Used DVDs

Streaming has taken the world by storm with a wide array of cable alternatives, and I no longer need to dig into my collection to watch a movie. Luckily, there are still people who want to buy used DVDs.  Here, we will show you the best places to sell used DVDs for the most money.

1. LetGo

Similar to OfferUp, the LetGo app is popular with the younger crowd and local buyers and sellers. Using your zip code to list and search for items, the app connects local consumers to get the best deals.


Just as the name suggests, this is a one-stop-shop to get instant quotes on your DVDs and receive an offer. Unfortunately, SellDVDsOnline does not have a mobile app, so you will need to access the website to enter your items.


FYE routinely buys and sells DVDs. Whether you’re looking to pick up a few great titles for cheap or sell your old collection, FYE is well respected in the entertainment industry. It’s worth checking out how much FYE will offer you your collection with several different payment options.

4. Craigslist

Trusty Craigslist is always an excellent option for getting rid of your used items for a reasonable price. Craigslist still has and continues to offer free opportunities to list your items by connecting locals with one another.

5. Ebay

It has become harder over the years to find great deals on eBay, which is why this is a perfect solution to get rid of your collection once and for all. As long as you do not want top dollar for your old plastic discs, eBay may be the best option to earn you a few dollars with the least amount of hassle.

6. Bonavendi

Bonavendi is another one-stop-shop option to get rid of your unwanted items for the best price. Bonavendi is the middle-man between people looking to sell items and companies looking to buy your items. By entering your items into their search, Bonavendi will list out the merchants looking to buy your used DVDs and the highest price among them.

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