Best Online Teaching Jobs and Where to Find Them

Best Online Teaching Jobs

With the increase in demand for online education comes an equal need for those that can provide the service, and online teaching jobs are easier than ever to find. Let's discuss categories of online teaching jobs, and the requirements for each.

Online College Faculty

Online college classes have been available for over a decade, and there is an increasing number of programs and universities that are entirely online. Online college courses cover the gamut of all academic and vocational subjects at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, offering a wide range of possibilities for online teachers.

Online K-12 Teachers

Although not as prevalent as in higher education, online K-12 education is growing in popularity across the country, and more online teaching jobs are becoming available. Virtual public schools are held to the same standards and requirements as traditional schools, and a wide range of subject areas and specializations are available.

Online Adult Education

Adult education programs are another fast-growing sector of online education that offers opportunities for online teaching jobs. While online college and university programs could technically fall within the range of “adult” education, typically online adult education is tailored toward those older than standard college-age students.

Online Tutors

You can now find tutors for almost any grade level or subject, and the instruction can be done from the comfort of your own home. Those considering online tutoring could either work for a tutoring company or develop their clientele.

Online English Teachers

Of all the online teaching jobs described in this article, teaching English online has had the most considerable growth in recent years. There has been an explosion in demand for English instruction in recent years, especially in China and other Asian countries.

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