The Best Cheap Restaurants for a Group

The Best Cheap Restaurants for a Group

Whether you’re with a group on vacation, on a business trip, or have a great group of friends that likes to get together, at some point you all have to eat. Group dining, however, can get expensive.  Finding cheap restaurants for a group with flexible menu options.

The Best Cheap Restaurants for a Group

This list is curated from the following criteria: 1. It is available throughout most parts of the country 2. Has a separate dining room to accommodate large groups 3. A variety of menu options to accommodate different dietary preferences 4. Drink menus and options 5. A range of prices

1. Joes Crab Shack

The menu, for being seafood, is reasonable, and the ambiance makes it not only a great cheap restaurant for a group but also a super fun one! They, too, have options for ordering combination platters, making it a bit more affordable with a larger group. There’s also a gluten-free menu in case you need that option.

2. Cheesecake Factory

Every Cheesecake Factory I’ve been to has been massive. They somehow manage to grab up the best, largest, real estate they can find. This size is also reflected in their menu, which has pages of food to choose from. This is definitely a place where you can opt to share food to save money.

3. Season’s 52

This restaurant is definitely on the higher end of the spectrum, but they have affordable menu options and options that are amenable to sharing. Plus, they are fantastic at accommodating groups. This is another restaurant where coming for happy hour or opting to dine during lunch may save money.

Other Ways to Save When Choosing Restaurants

Look for these factors to save: 1. Places with happy hours 2. Places with a lot of appetizers on the menu often these are more affordable and shareable, making it easier to spend less and still have enough to eat 3. Large portion sizes  again, gives you the ability to share

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