Why I Drive a Daily Beater Car

There was a country song that came out in the ’90s about a guy with a beat-up truck. EVERYTHING was wrong with this truck.  Okay, not quite, but I can definitely relate. Here is why I have a beater car for my daily driver and why you should consider the car you drive.

A Daily Beater Car

My Dailer Beater Car

My daily beater car is a 2002 Toyota Camry that my parents bought years ago for my mom to drive. Back then, she had about 160,000 miles, and the only issue with her was that the side view mirrors didn’t work. 

Why I Drive a Daily Beater Car

With frugalism in mind, the answer to why I drive a daily beater car is simple: it still safely drives. . Your car is one of the things people see, and so you tend to spend way more money and effort on making your car look cooler than you do other things.

The TRUE purpose of a car

The TRUE purpose of a car is to get you from point A to point B safely, nothing more.  That doesn’t mean that different vehicles don’t serve different purposes. Certain cars offer great gas mileage, while others are extremely reliable.

Different vehicles serve different purposes

Different vehicles serve different purposes, but they all boil down to getting from place to place with people and things safely.  So what is the purpose of my daily beater? To get me to work and back and around town safely without spending an arm and a leg on gas.

Cars depreciate.

There is no need to spend top-dollar for items that depreciate when you can get something that serves the same purpose for much cheaper. Find something that will give you good value for the money and then use it until it gives out.

Moral of the Story

Now think about the vehicles you own and the purposes they ACTUALLY serve. If you find a discrepancy between the purposes you need your vehicles to serve and the purposes they actually do serve, chances are you’re spending way more money than you need to.

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