Tips to Have a Beautiful Wedding Way Below the Average Wedding Cost

Wedding Way Below the Average Wedding Cost

Before you can truly relish every moment your wedding day has to offer, you will need to dig deep into budgets and come to conclusions on plenty of wedding questions. One of the top questions couples wonder about is what does a wedding actually cost? The answer is… it’s complicated.

What Factors Make Up the Cost of a Wedding?

There are a host of factors that play into the overall cost of a wedding. There are averages to consider (and toss aside). The location where your wedding takes place accounts for several factors, such as the average cost of living where your wedding professionals reside.

What is the Average Cost of a Wedding?

The average cost of a wedding in 2019 was $28,000. In 2020, the average cost dipped to $19,000 due to the pandemic and the growth in popularity of micro weddings and intimate weddings due to the restrictions on events.

3. Take Averages with a Grain of Salt

It’s also important to note that taking an average can skew data significantly, reporting a figure that isn’t truly representative of what most people are doing. For instance, if one couple spends a hefty $1 million price tag on a wedding, and 100 couples spend $10,000 on their weddings, the average of those figures would be skewed higher than the norm.

Planning a Wedding on a Smaller Budget is Possible

In addition, an average does not mean that spending less is impossible. In fact, spending less is 100% possible!  If you want to save money and plan a wedding on a budget, it’s absolutely possible with a little research, time, and effort.

Why Do Wedding Professionals Charge So Much?

A wedding professional is an entrepreneur, and they are considering the same things as someone in a corporate role. They are also factoring in the costs of self-employment (taxes; funding benefits, like insurance and retirement plans, on their own). Like other careers, the more experience and ability a wedding professional have, the more they will charge.

Wedding Experience and Expertise Come at a Cost

First, there is a different level of expectation with a service when it’s for a wedding. A birthday happens every year. A wedding might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As a result, couples expect near perfection from wedding professionals.

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