Angel’s Rest Trail: Everything You Need to Know to Hike This Gorge Beauty

Angel’s Rest Trail Quick Facts

Length: 4.8 miles roundtrip – Type: Out and back – Elevation Gain: 1,475 feet – Difficulty: Moderate – Seasons: All but best April through October – Family Friendly: Yes – Restrooms: No – Pass Needed: No – Dogs: Leashed – Busy: Yes

Angel’s Rest Trail

The Angel’s Rest Trail is a heavily trafficked out and back trail in  the Columbia River Gorge. Just 30 minutes east of Portland, Angel’s Rest  is a great bang for your buck trail with a combination of moderate  elevation gain, moderate distance, and stunning views.

Getting There

From Portland, hikers must travel along scenic Interstate-84 and take  exit 28 onto Historic Route 30 toward Bridal Veil. Drive the short  distance up to Highway 30, take a right, and the parking lot is  immediately after the turn.

The Hike

The Angel’s Rest Trail begins at the trailhead just off the road on Highway 30. This 3–4-hour (depending on how much time you spend at the top) hike  begins in a thick forest with very few viewpoint opportunities for the  first mile or so. The first third of the hike follows a mostly dirt  path, although there are several rocky and uneven sections that may be  difficult for some hikers.

Who Should Hike the Angel’s Rest Trail?

Although rated as moderate difficulty, the Angel’s Rest Trail has  several sections featuring a very steep incline with switchbacks, uneven  surfaces, and loose rocks. There is also some climbing required at the  top to get out to the end of the viewpoint.

When to Hike the Angel’s Rest Trail

While the trail is open year-round, it is best to hike April through  October, with more chance of clear weather and less wind. Parts of the  trail could become muddy and hazardous after rain, and it can get very  windy at the top.

Final Thoughts on the Angel’s Rest Trail Hike

The Angel’s Rest Trail is one of the best bang-for-your-buck hikes in the Columbia River Gorge. Boasting fantastic views and moderate difficulty, this hike is  accessible to most, and the high foot traffic will help ensure there’s  help if needed. You’ll also have full reception throughout the hike.

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