19 Great Alternatives to Amazon for all your Buying and Selling Needs

We all love the convenience of Amazon.

If you need something, you can order it in one click and have it delivered to your door as early as the next day. Amazon’s efficiency is second to none, which is why it’s hard for so many of us to ditch the service.

Why Do I Need an Alternative to Amazon?

Although Amazon is efficient and convenient, it has a reputation for treating its employees poorly. Low wages, long hours, and high stress are par for the course for most employees. It’s understandable to want to vote with your money and not support a company that operates this way. Here are the best alternatives to Amazon for everything that you might need.


Overstock is an online retailer that sells a variety of household items. They offer furniture, home goods, jewelry, and all types of home décor. One limitation of Overstock is that they don’t have a clothing and apparel product category.


Target is the best option for household items. They have everything you might need, from groceries, personal care items, household necessities, and clothing. Target offers free two-day shipping, but another advantage is that you can pick up the item in the store if you need it right away.


The best place to buy books online is Bookshop.org. Its mission is to support local, independent bookshops. Bookshop.org has built a network of independent retailers and splits profits among them to help keep them in business.


Hulu has options for both live television and streaming your favorite shows. It has also partnered with Disney+ to give you even more viewing options. It offers a wider variety of shows than Amazon does, and the option for live tv blows Amazon out of the water.


Chewy is the best alternative to Amazon for all of your pet’s needs. Not only do they have all the food, litter, and toys that you could need, but they offer reoccurring shipments for perishable items as well.

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