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Picking out the best food delivery apps also got a bit trickier because all of a sudden – there were so many to choose from! This is why today, we will explore the best delivery apps so you can enjoy some takeout and restaurant-style food again, or get groceries in a jiffy.

1. DoorDash

Delivery Fee: Flat Rate of $5.99  Our Quick Take: DoorDash is the top choice for most consumers who are looking for no-nonsense food delivery. They have a great reputation, and they’re the equivalent of “Uber” in the food delivery service industry.

2. GrubHub

Delivery Fee: Varies, fees set by the restaurant  Our Quick Take: Besides the cool name, GrubHub has served as the primary competitor for DoorDash and is more widely available. Great alternative if you’re looking to break away from Uber Eats or DoorDash.

3. UberEats

Delivery Fee: $4.99 & distance charges Our Quick Take: You won’t be dissatisfied with UberEats, however, while Uber shines in the rideshare world, so does most of their attention. Though they did recently acquire #4 on the list.

4. GoPuff

Delivery Fee: $1.95 flat rate Our Quick Take: GoPuff is the ideal app for your daily essentials or if you run out of alcohol at a birthday party, or if you’re just kind of hungry for some chips.

5. Instacart

Delivery Fee: $5.99 Delivery & cost per item shopping fee. Unlimited annual memberships started at $149 Our Quick Take: While not a food delivery service in the sense of getting take-out, Instacart is great if you don’t have time to shop at the grocery store or use curbside pickup options. 

6. Zomato

Delivery Fee: Varies depending on city & order. Our Quick Take: When it comes to delivery options, your best bet is to start with Grubhub or DoorDash. Hold off on using Zomato for now as a delivery option, unless of course, you want to.

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