8 Perfect Online Side Hustles for Teachers Story

Let’s be honest. No one becomes a teacher for the big paycheck. In fact, those of us who go into education do it for the love of children and the fulfillment of impacting the next generation.

But did you know there are way more options out there from the comfort of your home?

The thing is, you have to use Pinterest differently for business than you do for your personal DIY projects, recipes, and money saving tips. Even many online business owners don’t understand how to best use Pinterest for getting more visitors to their website.

1. Pinterest Virtual Assistant

2. Social Media Manager

But how many business owners have time to tweet, make Facebook posts, engage in Facebook groups, create Pinterest-worthy pins and eye-catching Instagram pictures, much less keep up with Facebook Lives or Instagram stories? This is where a social media manager comes in.

3. Freelance Proofreader

Between blog content, website content, YouTube and podcast transcripts, court reports and my secret best source of clients–self-published authors–there are many great online proofreading jobs out there. The key here for me as a teacher was again learning the business side of finding clients.

4. Facebook Ads Manager

Notice all those “sponsored” posts in your Facebook newsfeed now? There’s a Facebook Ads manager behind most of those!

5. Online Tutor

If you want to use your natural teaching skills and teach students who actually want to learn, then online tutoring companies like VIPKID pay $20 or more per hour according to the moms and teachers I’ve talked to.

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