7 Recurring Bills People Don’t Think To Renegotiate

Recurring Bills People Don’t Think to Renegotiate

But what’s the best way to stop overpaying these bills? It may not seem like the easiest solution, but renegotiating your recurring bills is a simple strategy for putting some money back into your pocket. Here, we’ll go some straightforward solutions to help your renegotiation process.

1. Car Insurance

Car insurance is necessary, but paying big bucks for it every month isn’t. Although you should definitely have sufficient coverage for your needs, there’s no point in sticking with a company that’s overcharging on your car insurance.

2. Cell Phone Bill

Savvy consumers know plenty of ways to lower cell phone bills, but renegotiating your bill isn’t typically one of them. For some reason, we view our cell phone bill as a rate that cannot change unless we do something to make it change.

3. Medical Bills

Medical bills aren’t often seen as something you can negotiate because of how little most of us know about the medical billing process. Your average person wouldn’t know how much every little thing costs, including treatments, medicines, procedures, supplies, specialty visits, and so much more.

4. Credit Card Bills

Credit cards can be helpful financial tools if you use them correctly,  Contact your credit card company to see what can be done about lowering the interest rate on your card or giving you some extra time to make payments.

5. Home Insurance

As with any insurance plan, you can negotiate your home insurance rates. Insurance companies are highly competitive with each other, so it’s not hard to do your research on what other providers are offering.

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