Easy DIY Car Maintenance Jobs That Will Save You Money

Easy DIY Car Maintenance Jobs 

Cars have become increasingly more advanced, and most major work requires the services of a trained mechanic, which quickly adds up. Still, there are many DIY car maintenance jobs that you can do to save money and keep your vehicle in top shape. This list covers how much time and effort each job will take.

1. Change Your Car Battery

Batteries are the heart of your vehicle’s electrical system, and they must be in good working order. If your battery is bad and your car won’t start, then you’re not going anywhere. Difficulty: 1/10 Tools Needed: Battery, Wrench Time: 5 minutes-20 minutes Average Money Saved: $50-$100

2. Replace Your Brake Pads

Your front brakes take the lion’s share of the work and will wear faster. When you start hearing squealing from your brakes, that’s a sign they may need to be replaced. Difficulty: 5/10 Tools needed: Car Jack, Jack Stands, Brake Pads, C Clamp, Bungee Cord, Torque Wrench Time: 1-2 Hours Average Money Saved: $100-$150

3. Change Spark Plugs

While replacing your spark plugs, be careful not to mix up your ignition coils. So only replacing one plug at a time avoids even the possibility of mixing them up. Difficulty: 4/10 Tools Needed: Torque Wrench, Spark Plug Socket, Pliers, Anti Seize, Vacuum or Compressed Air, Spark Plug Gap Tool Time: 1 Hour Average Money Saved: $100-$150

4. Rotate your Tires

If you are doing it yourself, jack up your car, remove all your tires and swap them according to the tire rotation pattern in your owner’s manual. Difficulty: 1/10 Tools Needed: Car Jack, jack stands, torque wrench Time: 30 minutes Average Money Saved: $35-$45

5. Change your Oil

While you will save money doing the work yourself. If you want to go ahead and change the oil yourself, first figure out what you’re going to do with the old oil. Difficulty: 3/10 Tools Needed: Jack stands, Car Jack, Oil of your choice (check your owner’s manual), Oil Filter, Oil Drain Pan, Funnel Time: 30 minutes – 1 hour Average Money Saved: $30

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