5 Ways in Which Unlimited PTO Really Plays Out in the Workforce

Increased productivity, better work-life balance, autonomy, and enhanced engagement these are just a few of the benefits of unlimited paid time off (PTO).

Workers across all generations cited unlimited PTO as a top reason for starting a new job, according to a February 2022 survey.

The survey found that 62% of employees with unlimited PTO reported having a good balance with work and personal life, and 58% reported high satisfaction with their jobs.

Properly Using Vacation Time Can Improve Performance

Unlimited PTO can also save businesses money. Tracking unused vacation time that can be rolled over and banked can rack up administrative time.

Unlimited PTO Can  Save 52 Hours in Administrative Time

Flexible scheduling folds into the want for unlimited time off policies, which 65% of survey employee respondents said they looked for when considering leaving a company for another.

Unlimited PTO Can  Be a Big Draw for Recruitment and Employee Retention

Unlimited PTO Isn’t Actually ‘Unlimited’

Employers should start with a request process and emphasize that PTO must still go through approvals. Set up communication requirements between all team members.

If you’re a frequent traveler, signing up for loyalty programs can be a great way to save money on your airfare.

Setting Minimum Vacation Days May be the Answer

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