5 Tips to Thrive Financially as a Single Woman

If I had a dollar for every time I heard this phrase or some variation of it growing up, I would have been a millionaire long ago.

First, an Acknowledgement

As a white woman coming from a household that was willing and able to support me in my emerging adulthood.

Utilize Any Opportunities You Have to Get Ahead

This will look different for everyone, but for me, this primarily included using the help of family and friends.

Single women looking to thrive financially is to pay off any existing debt and refrain from accruing any more as much as possible.

Pay Off Existing Debt and Refrain From Accruing More

Use Side Hustles to Grow Your Income and Pay  Off Debt

The savings I had living at home weren’t enough to compensate for my low income, so I began utilizing side hustles to pick up the slack.

Hack Your 9-5 to Maximize  Your Income

Using side hustles to speed up your progress, you should also be hacking your primary job to maximize your  income.

Live Within Your Means and Utilize What You Have to the Fullest

The last piece of advice I have for single women to thrive is to live within your means and utilize what you have to the fullest.

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