5 Strategies for Taking a Spring Break Trip on the Cheap

Traveling during Spring Break is generally more expensive. With that being said, your Spring Break trip doesn’t have to break the bank.

Here are 5 strategies for taking a Spring Break trip on the cheap.

Staycation The idea is to take day trips to local activities within easy driving distance and return home at night.

Drive to your Destination

Of course, with the recent increase in gas prices driving a long distance may not be in your budget, but driving will likely still be cheaper than flying.

A study done by CheapAir found that flights are at their lowest price about 54 days beforehand and that tickets cost around $150 more when booked within two weeks of the trip.

Book in Advance

Stay off the Beaten  Path

Destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, California, Hawaii, and Florida all top the list of popular Spring Break spots, and will cost you the most.

Use Miles and  Points

I always utilize points and miles for travel, and would highly recommend it for saving money on your trips.

Moral of the Story

Spring Break experiences don’t have to come at the Spring Break price. Take your next Spring Break trip on the cheap.

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