5 Reasons There Won’t Be a Housing Market Crash

There are several reasons why real estate investors don’t need to fear a housing market crash.

Stockpiles Have Dropped to Historic Lows

Like any commodity, such as oil, house buyers bid up prices because of a lack of available products.

Builders can no longer buy land and rapidly secure regulatory permissions to satisfy demand.

Builders Are Unable to Meet Demand Quickly Enough

Near-Historic Low Mortgage Rates Are Still In Place

Mortgage rates have climbed somewhat since hitting all-time lows in January, but not by much.

Lenders today have very stringent requirements for borrowers, and most people who acquire mortgages have good to excellent credit.

The Criteria For Lending Remain Stringent

Fewer People Are Selling

According to a Discover Home Loans poll, 79% of homeowners prefer to modify their current residences rather than move.

There are quite a few people interested. Experts say this is likely because millennials are entering the peak years to buy a property.

Final Thoughts

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