5 Best Money-Saving Challenges to Help You Save Cash

These five saving challenges are the best based on their simplicity, effectiveness, and ease of getting started.

The 100 Envelope Challenge

The challenge starts with 100 envelopes. That’s where the challenge got its name. It takes 100 days to complete it, and therefore, some also call it a 100-day envelope challenge.

Even though this money challenge runs for the whole year, it is a very effective way to set aside money for the future.

The 52-Week Savings Challenge

The No Spend Challenge

No spend challenge is a proactive way of limiting spending habits. It helps control your impulsive purchase decisions and improves your money mindset.

No eating out challenge helps curb expenses on outside food. The challenge will encourage people to eat home-cooked meals, which are healthy and cost-effective.

The No Eating Out Challenge

The Dollar Saving Challenge

It is the most simple saving challenge that you can start immediately. The main objective here is not about the total amount but about getting accustomed to saving.

Other Saving Challenges

Many other money-saving challenges include kick bad habit challenge, spare change challenge, holiday helper fund, or penny savings challenge.

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