28 Cheap Healthy Snacks on a Friendly Budget

With the rise in food costs, finding cheap healthy snacks can be a struggle, but no less important.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a protein-rich dairy product that comes in a variety of flavors. At 20 grams of protein per 7 oz serving, this quick, nutritious snack is an excellent source of protein, and it pairs nicely with a serving of fruit or granola!

Hard-Boiled eggs are a cheap, healthy, nutrient-dense snack. You can prep these and have them ready to go in your fridge, making them a great option to take to the office or school.

Hard-Boiled Eggs


Bananas are very versatile and very inexpensive. You can throw them into a smoothie, serve it sliced on toast with peanut butter, dip them in dark chocolate, and freeze.

Fresh fruit is always an excellent healthy snack idea. And watermelon isn’t just a sweet and juicy treat; it’s packed with nutrients and not super expensive. You can slice it and serve or throw it into a smoothie!


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