25 Incredible Perks at Work to Look for in Your Next Job

While many benefits are now standard for most full-time career jobs, employers are now offering more perks to gain a new competitive advantage and entice potential employees.

Health Insurance

Employer-sponsored health insurance is one of the most critical perks at work for many people. The only feasible way for most Americans to afford health coverage was through their employer.

Dental and vision insurance are also highly desired benefits and are typically included in most benefits packages.

Dental and Vision Insurance

Paid time off (PTO) or vacation days are another standard benefit offered, although the amount of time off or how it is accrued will differ based on the employer.


Most government jobs will also provide a pension plan, although younger employees will still likely need to contribute to these pensions.

Retirement Plans

Life and AD&D Insurance

These insurance policies will pay a death benefit upon the insured’s death or if the insured suffers the loss of a limb due to an accident.

Sick Leave

While the U.S. as a whole does not currently require employers to offer paid sick leave, 16 states now mandate all employers to provide paid sick leave.

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