18 Budget Categories to Assist You in Managing Your Finances

Are you looking to master your money this year and want to get started with a budget? If you’re new to budgeting, you may not be sure where to start or what budget categories you should include.


If you have a main job and other irregular income streams, we recommend building your budget based on the steady income from your main job and using other streams to supplement.


It’s best to start allocating for regular monthly expenses, then allocating the rest of your funds  to non-essential  categories.

Housing is typically the largest expense in most budgets, so it is the first of the expense budget categories.



We recommend including only essential food you would buy for your household, not eating out, coffee, or other non-essential food expenses.


Utilities are also an essential budget item because you will need to pay them every month whether you own or rent your home.

Debt/Liabilities/ Loans

 It’s important to break your debts down into individual loans and their minimum monthly payments, so you know exactly where you stand with each.

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