17 Legit Ways to Get Free Money

There are ways you can earn free money or cash in a variety of ways, from taking advantage of new bank account bonuses to using surveys and even governmental grants.

Get A Cash Back Reward Credit Card

Most credit card companies offer rewards in the form of a cash bonus or cashback option ranging from 1% to 3% on average.

Credit Card Arbitrage & Card Trading

Card trading meaning you can take advantage of one credit card reward or promotion followed by another by card hopping.

Participate in surveys or “Market Research” and earn free cash for giving your opinion.

Get $50 To $100 Through Online Surveys

Earn Rewards Points

You can get some extra cash each month when you cash in on reward point opportunities from apps.

Sign Up To Be A Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers often have the role of observing how employees interact with customers, how clean a facility is, or provide other forms of valuable feedback.

Ask For Price Adjustments On Your Credit Card

Simply call your credit card company & see about getting any fees or charges waived. Oftentimes they will do it, especially if you’re a cardholder in good standing.

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