Best Ways to Save Money on Student Loans Before, During, and After College

Ways to Save Money on Student Loans

Like any kind of debt, the best way to save on student loans is to minimize how much you take out in the first place, and to pay off those you do take out as soon as possible. It’s also important to find as many ways to save money on your college education as you can.

Ways to Save Money on Student Loans During College

Similar to the years before heading off to college, many students don’t dedicate enough time to reducing their need for student loans while in school. Here are some ways to save money on student loans while you’re attending college.

1. Attend Community College for Core Courses

Attending community college for your core courses and then transferring to a university is becoming more and more common due to the rising costs of school. It’s also a pretty smart move. 

2. Attend College in Your State

Another way to save money on student loans is to attend college in your state. Attending school in your home state may not be the most exciting option, but unless you’re getting significant financial assistance from a university out of state. it’s clearly the best financial option.

3. Live at Home

Along the same lines as attending college in your state, you can save even more on student loans by taking it a step further and living at home. Again, this isn’t the most glamorous option, but living at home while attending college will not only save you in tuition, it’ll save you in housing and other living costs.

4. Work Part-Time/During Breaks

College is a busy time between classes, studying, and other activities. However, fitting a part-time job into your schedule throughout your college career will pay serious dividends by saving you money on student loans.

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