15 Tips How To Negotiate Salaries

A recent Glassdoor survey found that 59 percent of American employees did not negotiate their current salary.

Prepare a Strong Case

Express your gratitude, tell them you’re excited about the opportunity then let them know you need a day or two to consider the offer.

Do Not Mislead

You never know who knows who in your industry. Catching you in a lie might be one quick phone call away.

Rehearse your salary negotiations with a friend or family member. Practice with someone who interviews candidates and makes hiring decisions if possible.

Practice Your Pitch

Keep Your Composure

Stay calm, gather your thoughts, and deliver your response with professionalism. When you respond with professional grace, you can maintain a good relationship regardless of the outcome.

Do Not Take a Low Offer Personally

Keep your initial response neutral. Buy yourself some time to think it over. Use that time to prepare your counteroffer.

Be Prepared To Hear No

If you need the job and it meets your minimum salary requirements, you can resolve to do well in this job while you keep your eyes open for the next opportunity.

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