15 Legit Ways to Get Free Money Fast

If you’re struggling to fit more into your busy schedule but still need some extra cash, fear not because there are many legitimate ways to get free money fast.

Unclaimed Money

 A few great places to start are MissingMoney.com and Unclaimed.org. Both sites allow you to quickly and easily search for unclaimed money.

These programs help people in need get back on their feet, and you might be eligible to receive significant financial assistance.

Government Assistance

Cash Back and Coupons

Earning cash back on purchases you’re already making allows you to earn a little bit for each purchase.

Even cutting back on $10 or $20 a month will put significantly more money in your pocket over time. While it can feel overwhelming going through your transactions one by one.

Save Money on Monthly Bills

Consolidate Your Debt

This process is similar to refinancing a mortgage and will allow you to roll all your debts into one monthly payment, hopefully at a much lower rate overall.

Earn a Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus

Many credit cards offer sign-up bonuses for meeting a minimum spending requirement within the first several months of opening your account.

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