15 Ridiculously Cheap Things I’ve Done to Save Money

15 Ridiculously Cheap Things I’ve Done to Save Money

While most of our savings tips are designed to help you save big money, it’s important to acknowledge that little savings can also make a big difference.  Take a look and see if you’d be willing to do any of these things to save yourself some extra change.

1. Attend Events for the Food

I would recommend you keep your eye out for events you might be interested in, or consider accompanying a friend or family member to an event knowing that you’ll typically be rewarded with a nice meal. Money saved = at least $500.

2. Pick and Freeze Fruit

Many people pick fruit in the summer, but most also pay for the fruit. I don’t. Typically, I can freeze several pounds for use throughout the winter (when fruit is most expensive), as well as give some to family and friends. Money saved = $200 over the last 5 years.

3. Go for a Lunch Buffet and Stay for Dinner

Every buffet I’ve ever been to charges more for dinner than lunch, but only some of them have restrictions on length of stay or close between the meals. If you time it right, you can have access to both lunch and dinner foods while only paying for the lower-priced lunch meal. Money saved = $50 – $100 total. 

4. Shower at the Gym

There were many a time when I would work out in the morning and shower at the gym, thus saving me some water and product at home. It wasn’t a lot saved but remember that every little bit counts. Money saved = $25 – $50 over the years.

5. Use Free WIFI

I’m using this trick now as I sit here writing this article, and I know many people take advantage of it on a daily basis. there are many people who do without that $50 a month expense by using the free WIFI offered by businesses. Money saved = potentially $50 or more a month. 

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