14 Ideas for How to Save Money On Gas

Cars are some of the most driven pieces of transportation

It is reported that 90% of households spend close to $3000 on gasoline per year. This number is enormous. When I used to drive a car, purchasing gasoline was a once-a-week occurrence as I think about it. The price of the gas would fluctuate, so I would try to find the best and cheapest prices.

1. Buy Gas Early in the Week

This time it is better to fill up earlier in the week instead of waiting until you need some gas. Being prepared before the price rises on the weekend is a great way to save on gas money.

2. Reduce Your Driving

One of the best ways to save on gas is not to drive as much. This means that if you drive less, then less money comes out of your pocket. Usually, there will be excellent public transportation in higher cost of living areas that can help you reduce your costs.

3. Work From Home

These days, plenty of people are working from home. It is a significant money saver. You can save a lot of money by not transiting to work and back. Commuting is not always the best bang for your buck. So being able to work from home can help you save some money.

4. Reduce weight

Try to keep the weight down inside of your vehicle. An extra 100 pounds in your car could reduce your MPG by about 1%. When having heavy things left in your car all the time can put pressure on your engine to produce more power. The less weight, the better.

5. Reduce A/C and Heat

In the summer and winter, people are known for blasting their A/C and heat. It is something we will do to feel comfortable. The more we blast these comforts, the more fuel it uses. This also produces a cost on our fuel consumption.

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