13 Tips to Get a Cheap Rental Car

Saving money on the vehicle to avoid getting in the way of your retirement savings is an excellent way to optimize your vacation budget.

Costco Membership

Costco also has some perks negotiated into the rental fee. One of them is that most vendors have free additional drivers.

Some hotels offer complimentary transportation to the airport and popular destinations in the area.

Consider Going Without the Rental

Consider Renting for Only Part of the Trip

You could save money by renting a vehicle for a particular day of your trip and delivering the vehicle to you.

Since business travelers primarily rent cars during the weekdays, areas with more business travelers than leisure travelers are likely to have higher rates on weekdays.

Get Pricing for Different Days

Fill Up Your Gas

The other option is they fill up the tank at the end and charge you an inflated price per gallon of gas.

Skip the Upgrades

Car rental companies often upcharge you for upgrades like GPS, satellite radio, toll passes, and car seats.

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