13 Different Credit Card Types 

In 2016, over $1 trillion in credit card debt had been racked up by Americans, with the average household owing $8,377.

Standard Cards

Standard credit cards, often called vanilla or plain vanilla cards, are the most basic of the types of credit cards, as they do not offer rewards and are pretty straightforward in their terms.

Personal Cards

A personal credit card is just what is sounds like: for personal use. Lenders look at your personal credit score in determining qualification.

Business cards are generally used by small business owners and their employees for business expenses.

Business Cards

Unsecured Cards

Unsecured cards are what most people think of when they think of credit cards. These cards allow you to spend up to a set limit without putting up any form of collateral.

Secured Cards

Credit cards are a great way to build credit, but it may be difficult to get approved for credit cards if you have bad credit. In these situations a secured credit card is a nice option.

Student Cards

Student cards are designed for individuals with a limited credit history (or no credit history). Many of these cards come with rewards.

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