12 Ways to Save Money on Your Phone Bill

If you’re close to 30, you remember a time when cell phones were a luxury. Here are some of the best ways to lower your cell phone  bill.

Confirm Your Usage

On the other hand, if you opt for an unrealistically low usage plan, you might spend more on overages than you would have for the unlimited rate.

Use Wi-Fi Whenever Possible

Make sure you connect to Wi-Fi whenever you get home, check into a hotel, attend a party, or arrive at any place you’re likely to spend a few hours.

Companies love autopay because it makes canceling difficult, and they don’t have to wait for you to remember it’s time to pay the bills.

Sign Up for Autopay & Paperless Billing

Turn Off Background  Data Use

These brief but consistent pings use data unless you tell your phone not to allow them.

Consider Prepaid Plans

Paying in advance is cheaper and more reliable than paying afterward, so prepaid carriers operate with lower overhead.

Claim Every Discount You’re Eligible For

People who frequently qualify for these discounts include teachers, police, firefighters, EMS workers, military, reservists, and retirees from any of those professions.

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