How to Save Money on Amazon: 12 Tips to Save More

How to Save Money on Amazon

From small household necessities to clothes and accessories, sporting gear, and even furniture, just about any product can be searched, reviewed, compared with other like items, and ultimately purchased on Amazon to arrive just about as quickly as in-person shopping. Let’s look at how to save money on Amazon.

1. Amazon Reviews

Select Amazon purchases may result in a small payment for a real, unsolicited review left by authenticated buyers. Randomly chosen reviewers that have already purchased a product and completed a review may be selected to receive a small compensation as part of Amazon’s Early Reviewers Program.

2. Used Products

These are the used item categories that Amazon allows for resale: 1. Kindle/Amazon Fire product and accessories 2. Major appliances 3. Music and instruments 4. Office products, computers, and software 5. Sports equipment 6. Pet supplies

3. Price History Tracking

If you’re not in a rush to receive a certain item, use a price-tracking app, like Camel Camel Camel, that will connect to your Amazon list and alert you when a price drop occurs, or there’s a flash sale or other discount available. Additionally, you can see the history of a product’s pricing to determine if there is a best time to buy.

4. Browser Extensions

Amazon’s Assistant for Chrome is an excellent money-saving tool that does the work for you. Once set up and linked to your Amazon account, this browser extension alerts you about deals, best pricing on products you are looking at on Amazon or other sites, and holds comparisons for you.

5. Amazon Coupons

Amazon has a coupon area where you can search for products you want to buy. Amazon makes it easy by categorizing the items and listing the percentage or dollar amount off with the coupon. As you add items to your cart, the coupon will automatically be added.

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