12 Ideas on How to Travel for Free (Almost) in 2022

 This story will share how to travel for free (almost) using proven methods like volunteering, credit card bonuses, or rewards points programs. So let’s get right to it.

Leverage Your Social or Alumni Network

If you are not shy about asking friends and family for contacts overseas, you may be able to swing a free stay or two.

You can find pet sitting opportunities all across the world, with sites like Trusted Housesitters or Nomador.

Become a House and Pet Sitter

Couch Surf

You will need to prepare your profile and get verified (for a minimal cost). Like dating apps, you need to showcase that you are a real person interested in genuine connections and experiences.

You can get a card tied to a specific hotel chain like Mariott or get a travel points credit card that lets you redeem points towards airfare, hotels, lounge access, or rental cars.

Cash in Free Flights  or Hotel Stays

Leverage Your  Skills

Whatever your skills, you can leverage them to make money on the road with sites like Fiverr and TaskRabbit.

If you have experience working with children and want to live in one place for at least a few months, consider working as an Au Pair or a live-in Nanny.

Work as an  Au Pair

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