10 Tips to Survive Your Next Group Travel Trip

Bigger numbers mean more people to do things with, more memories to be made, and more folks to split expenses between.

Assign a Group  Leader

This will help make sure everyone going on the trip is aware of all dates and activities, on board with the plans, and conscious of how much everything will cost.

Once you’ve established a group leader, get everyone together for a general planning meeting. Use this time to pick dates that align with everyone’s work, family, and life schedules.

Plan in Advance

It’s likely everyone will have different ideas about how much they’re able or willing to spend, and getting on the same page about finances early on is a key part of a successful group trip.

Establish Budget Preferences

Curating lists and itineraries on platforms like Google Docs or shared iPhone notes can help keep the party up to date.

Document Itineraries and Preferences

Check for Group Discounts

As you’re booking the various pieces of your trip, be sure to inquire about the possibility of a deal.

Most importantly, what time should the group be awake by each day? Keeping the broad strokes of each day the same will help everyone feel calmer and in more control over their time away.

Create a Routine

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