10 Tips for Traveling Greece on a Budget: Your Insider’s Guide

Traveling Greece on a Budget

Have you ever wanted to visit Greece but are afraid you won’t be able to afford it? Once you use a little travel hacking and cheap flights to get there, traveling through Greece on a budget is more than doable. Here are some of the best tips to save money while traveling in Greece.

1. Consider Less Popular Destinations

A lot of people that visit Greece follow pretty much the same itinerary. They hop to Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete. While those destinations are stunning, they are also incredibly touristic, crowded, and expensive. Traveling somewhat off the beaten path means saving money without making any compromises on comfort or experience.

2. Make Smart Dining Decisions

A good rule of thumb wherever you travel is to never dine at the restaurants adjacent to tourist sites. For instance, in Athens, the restaurants surrounding the Ancient Agora and Hadrian’s library sell okay food, but they are drastically overpriced.

3. Travel Out of Season

July and August are the most popular and expensive months for traveling to Greece. However, from August to September, accommodation prices drop by as much as 50%! You can expect further reductions at the end of September and in early October. Therefore, shoulder season is the best time to visit Greece on a budget.

4. Shop at Local Farmer’s Markets (Agora)

If you stay in self-catered accommodation for any part of your Greece trip, consider shopping at local markets (laiki agora). These are farmer’s markets, and they take place every week in pretty much every town and city neighborhood. This is both a local experience and a money-saving opportunity!

5. Use Public Transport

Public transport in Greece is excellent. People often view Southern Europe as a chaotic and disorganized place, but the reality is that buses and trains in Greece run like clockwork. Buses service all parts of the country, even the most far-flung villages. Intercity buses are reasonably priced and comfortable.

6. Discover Offbeat Neighborhoods

You can save some money traveling Greece on a budget by staying slightly out of the center of the towns/cities you visit. For instance, in Athens, instead of basing yourself close to the Acropolis in Plaka or Psiri, opt for accommodation in the Mets or Zografou.

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