10 Things to Expect on Your First Cruise Story

A cruise is a common item to find on a travel bucket list. With reasonable fares and a plethora of destinations, durations, and a cruise line for every personality, cruises are often touted as a budget friendly vacation for the whole family.

The Base Fare is Just the Beginning

With most cruise fares ranging from $200 – $1,200 per person, they’re often seen as a budget-friendly option. But while a cruise looks cheap upon first glance it’s important to realize that the fare price is just the beginning.

Cruises appear to be all-inclusive, which is part of their draw, but that’s not completely true. The base fare typically includes your room, meals in the buffet locations and some restaurants, on-board entertainment, as well as basic drinks such as water, juice, tea, and coffee.

Know What’s Included

Borrow Items

Expensive Excursions

If you thought your fare, travel to and from the ship, and ship extras added up, you may be disappointed to learn that the excursions are another added expense that will cost you a pretty penny.

Port Stops are Short

Part of the reason excursions are almost a necessity for seeing more than the minimum around the ship is because the port stops are very short.

Small Rooms Although the idea is to spend little time in your room, another thing to expect on your first cruise is a very small room.

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