10 Kids Birthday Party Places That Are Free or Cheap

At-home birthday parties are great if you want to save money

Finding kids birthday party places that won’t break the bank can be a  challenge, especially considering the kinds of places that kids typically want to go.  Here are some kids birthday party places that are free or cheap so you can stick to your budget.

1. At a Restaurant

Most restaurants that have play places also offer birthday parties. Usually, they come with everything you need, including kids meals for all the guests. For the cake, you’ll have the option to bring your own in or sometimes they sell them too.

2. Museums and Zoos

Sometimes these places are expensive, especially if you buy into their party packages. But there are also lots of museums and zoos that have relatively low admission costs.

3. Skip The Party Entirely

Older kids, or ones who only have a couple of good friends, often prefer something low-key over a big birthday celebration. For the same price as a traditional birthday party, you can usually take 2 or 3 kids out to dinner, to an arcade, to the movies, etc., and have way more fun.

4. Have it at Home

Of course, your home will always be the easiest and cheapest children’s birthday party location. If you can’t find something suitable or the weather isn’t cooperating for an outdoor party, you can always host a birthday at home.

5. Board Game Cafe

These places usually charge per person, and you can stay and play games as long as you’d like.I’d especially recommend this birthday party location to someone with older kids like tweens and teens. Be careful, though – the price can go up quickly if you plan to order food while you’re there.

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