10 Common Selling Costs to Sell a House

To help, we analyzed insights from banks, mortgage lenders, and real estate experts to determine common costs that can be expected when selling a home.

Home  Inspection

The home inspection is one of the more common selling costs for homeowners and while the price of this inspection varies, it costs about $400 on average. 

Sellers will likely need to invest in a few home repairs and some staging before putting their homes on the market.

Home Repairs and Staging

Real Estate Agent Commission

When selling a house, the sellers are typically responsible for paying the real estate agent commission for both the buyer and seller’s agents. 

If a home is sold for a profit after one year but within less than two years of owning it, the seller may be required to pay long-term capital gains instead, which range from 15% to 20%. 

Capital  Gains Tax

Property  Tax

Sellers will likely be required to pay at least the prorated property taxes owed from the start of the year until the day of closing—if not the property taxes for the full year.

Before a home is sold, the title company will research the property to verify the seller owns the home and that no one else has a claim to it. 

Title  Insurance

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