10 Budget Travel Tips for Greece: Your Insider's Guide

Traveling Greece on a budget is more than feasible, and a trip to the gorgeous Mediterranean country does not have to break the bank.

Consider Less Popular Destinations

While those destinations are stunning, they are  also incredibly touristic, crowded, and expensive.

Make Smart Dining Decisions

Never eat at a restaurant where the menu/board does not display prices. The owner may make them up on the spot!

You can expect further reductions at the end of September and in early October. Therefore, shoulder season is the best time to visit  Greece.

Travel Out of Season

Shop at Local Farmer’s  Markets (Agora)

The products are both fresher and cheaper than at the supermarkets.

Use Public Transport

Buses service all parts of the country, even the most far-flung villages. Intercity buses are reasonably priced and comfortable.

Discover Offbeat Neighborhoods

Coffee shops and restaurants in these areas are more affordable too.

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