10 Best Hawaiian Beaches to Visit on Your Next Island Vacation

Each Hawaiian Island has a slightly different flavor, which can play a large part in where you choose to stay. Although Hawaii is known for its gorgeous blue waters and white sand beaches.

Waimanalo Bay Beach Park

Waimanalo Bay is located on the southeast side of the Island of Oahu, and together with Bellows Beach next to it, you’ll find a three gorgeous mile stretch of powdery white sand and beautiful turquoise water.

Waikiki is famous for its long stretch of glistening white sand and beautiful blue water that attracts visitors worldwide. It’s a perfect place to spend a day surfing, swimming and sailing.

Waikiki Beach

Ko’olina Lagoons

The breakwater at the lagoons take the brunt of the ocean’s waves. This makes the water at the shoreline gentle enough for kids and beginner swimmers to enjoy playing in the water.

Makena Bay Beach is a fabulous place to spend a day relaxing and enjoying time in the water. However, its waves can be rough, making it a dangerous beach for kids or beginner swimmers.

Makena Bay

Kaanapali Beach

Many people enjoy snorkeling here, especially since there’s a long stretch of relatively shallow water they can explore.

Wailea Beach

This beach is easily one of the most beautiful beaches Hawaii has, although it can also get crowded. It’s been known as one of America’s Best Beaches since 1999.

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