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Your risk tolerance could hamstring your investing goals. Here’s how to change that


37 household hacks that will change your life

28 surefire tricks to make you smarter

The secret to being a more confident investor


I’m working toward a $1 million net worth on a teacher’s salary: Here’s my best advice


Family financial planning post-disaster

Worst credit advice from friends and family


Here’s Exactly How to Save for Your House Down Payment in 5 Years (or Less)

Financial Advice from Dads and How Your Financial Future May Differ from Your Father’s

The Ladders

28 tricks proven to boost your intelligence and make you smarter

Money Geek

How to Start Saving and Investing


SoFi’s February Roundup


Save More with These Frugal Living and Budget Blogs

Wake Up with Wealthtender: Improving Your Credit Score

The Financially Independent Millennial

How to Make a Budget: 7 Simple Mind-Blowing Tips

How to Improve Your Credit Score [FAST] Using These 29 Best Ways

Personal Finance Tips: An Anthology To Review And Bookmark in 2021

Top 100 Financial Blogs in 2021

The Savvy Couple

45+ Personal Finance Experts Share The Best Ways to Invest Money

Your Money Geek

The 45 Best Personal Finance Blogs of 2021 (and Why You Should Read Them)

Making Sense of Cents

50+ Crazy Things People Have Done To Save Money


With home prices surging, here are 6 ways to leverage your home equity


All about Home Budgeting and Financial Planning: Tips from the Experts

The Money Manual

How To Become a Millionaire: 5 Women Share Their Plan To Make It Happen

Women Who Money

Personal Finance Blogs by Women

Spice Market New York

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having an Itinerary During Vacation

Wealthy Nickel

21 Surprising Tips You Need to Know Before Buying a House

Money Bliss

40 Financial Experts Divulge Their Best Money Management Tips


How to Start a Blog from Scratch: 26 Tips for Beginners

Tim Thomas

What to do With 100k: The Experts’ View

I Like to Dabble

Blog Income Streams: 12 Bloggers Share Their Different Income Streams & How to Build Them

Jackie Beck

40 Over 40: Inspirational Money Wins at Age 40+

Educator FI

25+ Educators Writing About Personal Finance

Saving Joyfully


The Loaded Pig

Toxic Money Advice You Need To Avoid According To Experts


10 Small Travel Hacks That Will Save You Big Money


I’ve missed my flight! What are my rights as a passenger?

The Homebody Tourist

Best USA Road Trips to Take this Fall

The Twenty Percent

10 Women on Why Personal Finance is Important

Travels With Ted

Best Dog Friendly Hikes in Oregon: 12 Hikes to Bark About

Contributed Articles

Women Who Money

What are the Financial Impacts of Distance Learning?

Your Money Geek

The Best Ways to Plan Cheap Weekend Getaways for 2020

The Worst Financial Advice from (Past and Present) Presidential Candidates

How to Find the Best Online Teaching Jobs

The Complete Guide to Godzilla Monsters

The Best and Worst Godzilla Movies (Ranked)

20 Best Receipt Scanner Options for Easy Organization

45 Weird Facts about U.S. Presidents

Twitter Reacts to Dave Ramsey Bombshell

How to Make and Save Money at a Flea Market

Physician on FIRE

YOLO vs. FIRE: The Balance Between Saving and Spending

We Want Guac

Your Freedom is for Sale. How Much of a Discount Will You Get?

Partners in FIRE

How to Support People of Color

7 Tips to Successfully Live Below Your Means

The Budget Savvy Bride

30 Best Father-Daughter Dance Songs of All Time

My Life, I Guess

Do You Dream About Money? The Meaning Behind 5 Common Money Dreams

Money Buffalo

Is Cutting Back on Small Purchases Worth It?

It’$ My Money

Why You Should Avoid the Debt Snowball (and What You Should Do Instead)

Gamer Investments

27 Audrey Hepburn Movies (and why we love them)

Joney Talks

5 Tips for Guilt-Free Spending on the Things You Want

Syndicated Articles


These 10 budgeting tricks can help you get control of your money

100 fascinating facts about money

15 ways to save on student loans before, during & after college

Cable alternatives for when you’re ready to cut the cord

9 ways to save money when eating out

30 date night ideas that won’t blow your budget

13 personality traits that can lead to money success

Want to ditch your timeshare? Here’s how to do it

Smart ways to save money when you eat out

9 Ways to Pay Off Debt without Spending Your Paycheck

3 Easy Steps to Reach Your Money Goals This Year (and Beyond!)


Gutsy Women Club

Gutsy Women Profile – Tawnya Redding from Money Saved is Money Earned

Dr. Breath Easy Finance

How To Get Out Of Debt On A low Income – Money Saved Is Money Earned

Educator FI

Educator on FIOR Interview 19 – Tawnya (Special Education Teacher)

I Like to Dabble

How One Teacher Doubled Her Income, Paid Off Debt, and Inspires Us to Be More

Grokking Money

Immigrant Finances #12: Sebastian From Money Saved Is Money Earned

Life for the Better

Living A Better Life Interview – Money Saved is Money Earned

Making Momentum

Momentum Series Interview – Money Saved Is Money Earned: Spreading Financial Education

Women Who Money

Inspiring Money Stories: Are You Leaving Benefits on the Table?

Saving Joyfully



Semi-Retire Plan

Teaching Plus Early Retirement — Sitting Poolside with Sebastian and Tawnya from Money Saved is Money Earned

Think Save Retire

Blogger Confessions #18: Money Saved is Money Earned

Have Your Dollars Make Sense

Money Mistakes: Not Investing Early