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Personal Finance Bloggers of Color – Alanna from Financialdemics

Welcome to our Personal Finance Bloggers of Color interview series!

Our goal with this series is to highlight the experiences and perspectives of people of color in terms of money and personal finance topics, as these voices are often underrepresented.

This interview features Alanna from Financialdemics.


1. Please introduce yourself by telling us about your background.

Hi! My name is Alanna. I’m an Accountant by day and I run my blog Financialdemics at night.  On the blog I talk about making money, managing your cashflow, saving money and paying off debt.

I currently live in the NYC area but I’m an Army Brat so I say I’m from everywhere.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Earth Science with a concentration in Atmospheric Hydrology and an MBA with a concentration in Accounting.

2. When and from whom did you acquire knowledge about personal finance?

I would say a little bit from my mom but most of it, I learned from making mistakes.

My mom would say things like don’t get a credit card, but she wouldn’t tell me why and I have to know the reason behind a statement so I didn’t listen to her advice.

I started learning more about personal finance my senior year of college after being laid off from my part-time job and realizing I didn’t have any savings.

3. Do you feel that your race/cultural background has impacted your life in terms of personal finance? How so?

Definitely, in our culture we don’t talk about money, which translates into not teaching our kids about money. That’s why my mom would not explain why I should not get a credit card, she felt that I was just supposed to listen and she could not explain why. She just knew that she didn’t want to owe anyone so she didn’t want me to owe anyone either.

There are a lot of Personal Finance Bloggers of color who are working to change this narrative.

4. How did you become interested in personal finance? What made you want to start a blog?

After I was laid off my senior year of undergrad, I started researching how to budget since unemployment was half of what I was use to making. Once I figured out the basics I was hooked.

I wanted to start a blog because in addition to my peers not knowing a lot about money, I kept encountering women who didn’t know how to handle their finances after their husband died. So I started a personal finance blog to help educate women of color about money.

5. What advice would you give to others with a similar background?

It’s never too late to change your story. If you don’t like the way your life is going, take action to change it.



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