Our Mission

Our Mission

Welcome to Money Saved is Money Earned!

One of the famous sayings of the great inventor Benjamin Franklin was “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Nowhere is that saying more apt than in our modern world of consumerism and debt, where material possessions trump sensible finance practices. Not only are consumers fooled by marketing practices, they are duped by financial institutions into racking up debt without fully understanding how these institutions really work.

When asked, many people say one thing they wish they knew more about was money. Unfortunately, unless you have financially savvy people in your life, many still fail to understand basic financial concepts well into their adult years.

At Money Saved is Money Earned, our goal is to teach people of all ages how financial systems work, and how to take advantage of these systems to save big money. Everyone could use more money, but in reality there are only two basic ways to increase your cash flow: increase your income or decrease your spending.

While we have plenty of tips for increasing your income, our main focus is showing you how to save money on every day expenditures through savvy utilization of financial institutions and situations. Any money you save goes straight back into your pocket, turning Money Saved into Money Earned. Depending on the situation, these tips could save you thousands!

Another goal of our blog is to teach you how marketers and financial institutions use psychology to trick you into making purchases that are ill-advised. We also wish to impart knowledge about the role of the brain and habit-forming on how you conduct your finances. Once you understand how you’ve been conditioned by your background, marketing, and social media, you can begin to combat bad financial habits. We call this idea shifting your mindset from consumerism to frugalism, and it plays a key role in what we teach in our articles.

We do not believe in easy money, making 10K every month doing nothing, getting a free lunch, or anything like that. We are not sharing get rich quick schemes. What we are sharing are the knowledge and tools that have worked for us, which can be exploited every day in order to build a solid financial life.

Knowledge is power. You are in control, not the financial institutions, department stores, car dealers, consumerist ideas, social media, or emotional spending habits. We’ll help you understand the system so you can train yourself to be smart and frugal.

Although we have our own opinions about the smartest financial moves, we understand that everyone has different goals and priorities. As such, our articles are meant to teach, inform, and highlight various strategies you can utilize to save more money depending on your specific situation. So take a look around, comment with your thoughts, questions, and concerns, follow us on social media, or shoot us an email at:


We hope to hear from you soon!